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Vinyl or Screenprinted...What's the difference? - Clive and Bacon

Vinyl or Screenprinted...What's the difference?

Hey everyone! We recently introduced a very exciting option to our Clive & Bacon line up - Vinyl!

Here's the fast and easy way to tell the difference between hand printed and vinyl:

  • Screen printed: screen printed names are hand printed by us by making a screen with your pets name on it. Permanent water based ink is then squeegeed through the screen on to the bandana. The ink is then fused into the fabric fibers (which you can still see in most instances) for permanent adhesion. The result is a softer look and feel. 
  • Vinyl/Glitter Vinyl: vinyl starts out with a similar process where your pet's name is typeset, but is then cut out of thin vinyl sheets. The names are then heat fused onto the fabric for permanent adhesion. The result is a bold and brightly colored image similar to an applique.

So which one is our favorite? It depends! While we love the look of screen printed graphics, we also love the look of vinyl. Vinyl applique allows us to place names and graphics on fabrics that sometimes don't work as well with screen printing methods. We are also able to create layered names and more complex graphics with vinyl. With screen printing, we can achieve more detailed and textured names. Which is why you may have noticed our original Elegant Pup script is only available screen printed. Metallics also have a softer, more shimmery look with screen printing.

We like both options and it really comes down to personal preference.

To help you decide, here are closeups of both methods (screen print on the left, vinyl on the right):


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